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Spanish Keyboards

Living in America is not as easy as it seems when your native language is Spanish. If you have relatives that only speak Spanish, it can be difficult to send emails and texts without the correct accents over the letters, and it is a pain to find the symbols sometimes. Luckily, there is the invention of the Spanish keyboard to help that dilemma. Having a keyboard in Spanish is essential if you will be communicating with someone in Spanish who does not know English. A Spanish keyboard is also a good investment for someone of native English tongue who needs to be able to communicate with someone who only speaks Spanish or only partial English through business.

The Differences

Spanish keyboards have a few different keys than English keyboards, which can make your experience emailing Spanish-speaking people much easier. A keyboard in Spanish has special keys for letters such as the accented n. Thus, there are a few changes in the keys. The shift key on the left is made half of its size to accommodate the less than and greater than symbols. The accented n key takes the place of the colon and semicolon keys, moving those down to the period and comma keys. The keyboard in Spanish has moved a few things around and grouped keys together that makes it possible for accented letters to be right on the keyboard so that people do not have to get frustrated with having to go through multiple steps trying to find the right accent.


The general layout is the same in the Spanish keyboard. The English letters are all still in the same places. The numbers are also in the same position that they are on an English keyboard. This is beneficial for people who have learned the English layout of the keyboard so that they do not have to learn a new kind of keyboard system. It is also good so that people who only speak Spanish will have a general understanding of the English layout of the keyboard.

Picking the correct Spanish keyboard can be a difficult endeavor. In order to be able to communicate with people who speak Spanish, lots of searching to find the right keyboard is necessary. Do not fear; there are hundreds of keyboards to choose from, each with their own special features. These features may appeal to some people and be obsolete to others. In order to find the right Spanish keyboard, one must decide what they are looking for and find the keyboard that best suits their needs. This will not be hard because of the huge—and growing—selection, but knowing the features you want might be difficult.

Here is a video about Spanish keyboard